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Warm Welcome to the successful completion of MSV2016
News Source: | Release Time:2019-11-26

Warm Welcome to the successful completion of MSV2016

Author: PHP Pengda Hydraulic Press Date Issued: May 24th

  2016 MSV International Engineering Fair in Brno Czech is a comprehensive industrial fair in Central and Eastern Europe with the longest history, the widest exhibition area and the biggest influence. This international fair covers various fields of industrial production and is one of the largest international exhibitions hosted by International Exhibition Logistics Associates.
MSV2016, first held in 1959, is the largest industrial fair in Czech. Exhibitors come from Germany, Czech, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and so on. China, as a partner of the industrial fair, also becomes the largest Asian country with the largest exhibitors participating in the fair.

  Czech president, prime minister and important Chinese leaders paid high attention to this fair. They came to Chinese pavilion to visit China’s advanced science and technology, cared about and helped China’s middle and small-sized enterprises develop in Central and Eastern Europe.

  Wuxi Pengda Hydraulic Press does our best to exploit Eastern Europe market and takes an active part in various large fairs. This time, we are proud to become one of the representatives of Jiangsu exhibitors.

  We encountered many European target clients who were interested in our products and they showed high acceptance for our advanced servo oil and electrical system.

  We also got to know many clients from Eastern Europe and we had an in-depth exchange, learn and exchange from each other. Their advanced production technology and company philosophy benefited us a lot.

  We had the honor to get acquainted with Petr Jandasek, who had 50 years’ experience in this area. We talked a lot. He wanted to know about the rapid development of China and he also put forwarded his own valuable opinions.

  Thanks to this international exhibition, it brought about advanced science and technology. Wuxi Pengda was known by many clients.

  We will continue to develop innovative road and provide effective solutions for more and more clients at home and abroad.

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