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Pengda / Walk Out, Invite In, Promote Growth
News Source: | Release Time:2019-11-26

Pengda / Walk Out, Invite In, Promote Growth

Author: PHP Pengda Hydraulic Press Date Issued: May 24

1.Walk Out Actively

  PHP has been learning advanced European technology actively for a long time and striving to find the binding point by matching with domestic standard of hydraulic press. On the one hand, We absorb advanced European technology for domestic equipment; on the other hand, with constant pioneering and innovative spirit, we, PHP, developed a set of our own High Standard, High Safety, High Performance equipment and has been highly recognized by domestic market.
In the first quarter of 2019, Mr. Sun Tie, General Manager of PHP Pengda Hydraulic Press, visited the headquarter of SITEMA located in Karlsruhe Germany and had an in-depth exchanges with Mr. Bolz, sales director in Asia Pacific. Germany SITEMA is the only company in the world that makes machinery safety mechanism and the only company that meets CE standard and has acquired the safety approval of DGUV, which plays an important part in the export of large hydraulic press to Europe.

  During this conversation between PHP and SITEMA, on one hand, both expressed high recognition of the rapid growth in Asia in the last two years; on the other hand, both had a conversation on the technical problems that PHP encountered when using SITEMA.

  The whole meeting lasted for five hours during which we felt deeply the advancement of European technology and the rigor of European. In the future, PHP will continuously learn from European companies in order to enhance the technical research and development and improve product quality and spare no effort to become an excellent Chinese Maker.

2.Take the Initiative to Bring In

  We have brought in advanced European technology; meanwhile, PHP also introduced outstanding technical talents from Europe. Everyone who knows Pengda knows that we have several foreign experts who have cooperation agreements with us:
  Suzuki, Committee Member from Japanese Retirement Association as production management consultant
  Robert, expert from British hydraulic technology as hydraulic technical consultant
  Gary Alecock from Britain as European sales consultant
  This year, Pengda enhanced the talent introduction again. We signed a long-term agreement with electrical technology expert Mr. Gaechter and invited him as Pengda’s electrical technology consultant.

  Last week, Mr. Garchter had a 10-day’s equipment test and on-the-job training for the first time to our factory. On the hardware part, he went over the equipment installation specifications exported to Europe and pointed out the places that need improving one by one; on the software part, stipulate standard safety procedure, generate the only safety code to ensure each machine meets the European CE standard.

  On the last day, Mr. G focused on the training of metal mechanical equipment standard EN ISO-16092-3 which was updated this March by EU. All technical staff at site said that they benefitted a lot from this training.

3.Spare No Effort to Promote Growth

  With the constant fusion of Sino-Western culture and the constant strengthening of our country, we Chinese companies have been recognized by more and more domestic and foreign companies. As a professional, exquisite, special, innovative company, Pengda always aims at striving for the first class hydraulic press. We walk out to learn advance European technology, constantly invite European talents and finally, we hope to improve and promote company growth and make products in China become the light of the world.
  Walk out, Invite in, promote growth.
  Pengda, always on the road.

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